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Re: [IP] nocturnal hypoglycemia

Cyndy, Ontario
mom to 4,
Ben Diabetes dxed 06/02
Ignorance is voluntary misfortune
Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is the passer-by who meddles in the
quarrel not his

> Hi all. Have an important question.  I have a 2 1/2 yr.old with diabetes.
> have heard from others that there have been some people with diabetes that
> have died in the night due to low blood sugars.  Is this true?  I check my
> ever 2-4 hrs. through the night because I am so paranoid.
> Krista, Mom to Anthony 2 1/2, Dx'd 8/25/02, Pumping Animas 8/03, MM 4/03

Krista I have heard about this also.
It scares the s--t out of me.
My son is 8 now and was dxed  15 months ago.  I became so paraniod of
something happening to him the I started staying awake all night to meak
sure he was okay.
I have now gotten more than 2 allarm clocks and he sleeps near me.  I stay
up later at night than I used to so that he never goes more tahn a couple of
hours without being checked.
I think we as parents also develope a sixth sense about checking.  A couple
of times I have woke up and just known to check for some reason.  He has
been low everytime.
That said I spoke at length with someone in the know about my fear.   The
way it has been explained to me is that if the person has had a number of
very severe  lows their own glucagon store get depleted they then have no
defence against another one. This dead in Bed thing also tend to happen more
with older or people who have had d a very long time.

One of the things I have had to learn to live with our school system and
their policy on d in the school and glucagon is that if Ben goes low enough
and seizures or loses consciousness his liver will kick out its glucose and
eventually bring him back up.

Sometimes I have had to accept what I have been told to preserve my sanity
even if I don't really fully believe it.
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