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[IP] Some brags on the pump....and a hint.

Today my dog Marcie and I competed for the first time since I got on the
pump.  It's been six weeks, but boy what a difference!  I ran faster and
with more breath -- as a result, she ran faster, and did better.

In fact, we got two first places!

Here's the hint.  We thought we were getting roofed today, so had my car out
on the curb.  I apparently dropped my blood sugar monitor kit packing the
truck as someone found it.  We weren't home, and there was no address in the
kit-- only my name and the script labels -- I've done that since I
occasionally go into federal buildings and have to have that to bring in the
sharps.  Anyway, the poor guy who found it called the script service, got
our phone number and returned it.  I wish I knew who he was, that was really

So I"m making sure that all my bags have -- I have a seperate bag for the
insulin, spare blood sugar monitor kit, etc.

Oh, and I wasn't in trouble at the trial at all -- I keep a spare packed in
my "day bag" along with spare insulin, pen needles (haven't used them YET
since the pump), spare inseration sets, spare batteries, D-rings, you name

Of course the darn bag is HEAVY, and did get seperated from it for a time
each run, but it works.
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