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Re: [IP] dead pump - came back to life??!!!!

Randall Martin wrote:

>That has happen to my pump twice in the last few months. I simply remove the
>battery and then place back in
>I use the 508 MM.  I often reboot my computer when it freezes up

HUH!?  Your pump mysteriously stops working and you simply accept it as 
a fact of life?  If my pump did that I would be on the phone with the 
manufacturer screaming BLOODY MURDER!  It is completely unacceptible to 
have a piece of equipment as critical as an insulin pump shut down for 
no apparent reason. 

The computer analogy you used demonstrates what I call the "microsoft 
mentality", whereby people simply accept system crashes as a cost of 
doing business.  In other parts of the computing world where people run 
machines built by IBM, Sun, or Cray, that kind of behavior is unheard of 
.  If one of those machines just shuts down by itself you can be sure 
that the system administrators and/or the manufacturer are going to be 
working hard to find out why and get the problem fixed.

What happens if your pump silently dies right after you go to bed and 
you go all night without any basal insulin?  Sounds like you get a free 
trip to the emergency room, or worse yet, you might suffer the same fate 
as your pump. Get on the phone and get that pump replaced ASAP! You 
can't afford to have anything less than 100% up-time!

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