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Subject: [IP] Wearing pump under a dress

I am trying to figure out how to wear a pump under a knee length dress.
I use the leg-thingy for long dresses and it works fine, but I have my
doubts that the thigh-thingy would stay up.  Has anyone used the half
slip with pump pocket or the cami sold by PumpWear?

I made my own half slip.  Not very fancy, but if you've got a sewing machine
it takes just a few minutes.  I cut off one leg of one of my daughters tights
(they're thicker than my panty hose so I figured it would be more durable).  I
hemmed the cut end and sewed the whole thing lengthwise down the front of my
slip on the inside.  Now, I drop the pump down the tube and it works fine to
wear with all sorts of skirts & dresses.  You have to get used to the feeling
of having the pump bump your legs every once in a while.

Yessi Palmer
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