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Re: [IP] Animas "taking advantage" of MM

>  >  This is certainly smart on Animas' part, eh? The funny thing is, 
>MM took the
>>  test and passed as well...and look where it got them!  ;-) Now that Animas
>>  is trying to "steal" sales with this type of advertising, they had REALLY
>>  better hope the same thing doesn't happen to them!
>Interesting thing is that the web page above was written in March of 
>2000.  So Animas has
>been "stealing" sales from MMM for a llllooooonnnnnggg time!        ;>)

And since Animas has been "passing the test" for a lot longer than 
MMM ever did, maybe they've just had it Right from the start.   Make 
a paradigm shift, Ryan.  Switch to Animas!      ;>)

(besides, it's not which pump will stay watertight; what's in 
question is what happens when the watertight fails, H-trons and 
Paradigms over-bolus, Animas does NOT, it has 'smart' safety checks)
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