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[IP] Re:whining

Gee Marsha

Ive never been too sick to have my pump on.  I mean
even when I had my thyroid out, it was on.  Its a PART
of me and Ill hang it on anything Im wearing...t-shirt
neck, pocket in pants, opening of sleeveless gown,
waist band of my panties, band of a soft comfy sports
bra.  Being sick is bad...but being sick and having to
give injections is worse!  Id MUCH rather have my pump
to ease my time and make sure that my insulin delivery
is accurate and consistent!
Yeah, I know, but (gross details) I was going at both ends and felt like I 
was going to drop the pump in the toilet or something and couldn't find a 
 comfortable place to wear it. Fortunately, it was only for a few hours, and
then I
could pin it back on my nightgown.  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and 
for just listening to me whine.

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