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Re: [IP] blood donations and insulin produced from animals/Mad Cow Disease

 On 3 Oct 2003 at 8:24, Becky Fischer - computer moms <email @ redacted>

> Now on to my question, I made a promise to myself to start giving
> blood regularly and have been able to do so only once.  It was some
> production even to get the one time done.  Apparently, the Carter
> Blood Care Center and its chief medical officer have determined that
> they will not allow any diabetics who have used insulin produced from
> cows.  They have informed me that there is a risk of Mad Cow Disease
> and Lilly has/may have used UK Cows to obtain their insulin in years
> past.    Does anyone have any ideas on a way to allow diabetics to
> donate, if so desired. Without those who donated in Arizona my mother
> would not have made it as long as she did and I want to repay their
> kindness and help others. Okay, I am done!

 The question asked is "have you used any beef insulin since 1980". I don't
recall the
 specific date that I went on Humulin, so I just answer "no". At some point in
the early 80's
 you went on Humulin also. Do you recall if it was AFTER 1980? Then the answer
is "no,
I have not used beef insulin since 1980"!       :>) 

There was another catch question they asked me 6 months ago; "do you have any 
 neuropathy" DUH!!! I've spoken with Dr. Suter, one of the medical directors of
 and she has gotten the ruling on that question revised to allow even long term
diabetics to
donate despite neuropathy.

> Becky Fischer - Waiting on my Cozmo Pump!

Looking forward to hearing your Shouts of JOY!!!      ;>)

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