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Re: [IP] dawn phenomenon question

 First, are you certain that he is experiencing a strong rise before waking? For
many (including myself) my BG shoots up the MOMENT I wake up. I did this test:
As soon as I open my eyes, test my BGL. Test again 15 minutes later. I have seen
as much as a 40 mg/dL rise in that 15 minutes!

 But, this dawn phenomenon is likely to stay with him, though I'm sure it will
continue to change. Anyhow, increase his basal rate on the pump starting 2 hours
before he normally wakes up. For me, my basal rate for this time period is TWICE
my rate for the rest of the night.

 And, you can count on this changing over the years. :-) I doubt, however, it
will be so sudden that what worked one day will just all of sudden stop the


>Now he 
> suddenly has a strong rise in bg before waking. Is this common to develop a
>dawn phenomenon upon waking when one has had diabetes for lots of years?  Or 
>is this too an ever changing process per individual?  I'm very nervous about 
 >raising basals for fear that the "hormone party" will stop as soon as we raise
>the basals :-(.  HELP? INSIGHT?? Thanks.
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