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[IP] human insulins

I have a girlfriend whose 13 year old son had his first fasting blood glucose
test today.  It was 282!  I have had diabetes so long that for myself I do
not pay much attention to which insulins are true "human" made with
recombinant DNA technology and others are pork or beef products somehow
changed to
make our bodies "think" they are human.

I figure that he will probably have his first insulin shot in about 3 hours
and I don't want him to have to deal with any antibody issue.  I believe the
current, non pump insulins are:

Novalog or Humalog--very short acting insulins
Velosulin or Regular-short acting insulins
Lispro - approximately a 24 hour insulin-should mimic basal rates
Ultralente - usually lasts 36 or so hours.

I think they should try Novalog or Humalog and Lispro, but I do not know
 about the human factor, and of course, these are only my thoughts and he and
his family will have to follow the doctor's advice and instructions. You can't
fool the bodyinto thinking anything. T cells do no think they just say this is
not like the others. then they go on a killing spree.

Cee Dee
- ----------------------------------------------------------First he should
have some testing  to detertminie if the elevation in bg is real or being
caused by something.
Second All insulins  old today in the US Are RNA sythesized and all are human.
Lispro insulin is Humulog. It is about 8 hours max duration. The old antibody
issue wasa actually a skin sesitivity to c-peptide which the old non
synthesized insulin was full of as a peptide it was quite allergenic. BTW 282
is not a bad bg to have on dx. Any age is bad to get diabetes but this is a
bad age for a 13 year old boy or girl.
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