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Re: [IP] Type 2 pumpers

>>>I do have a trainer but she won't do anything from here on . She is
the doctor make the recommendation.>>>

That is standard procedure - trainers train to use pumps, not Rx treatment.

>>> I have told the doctor what I want to do and she is Ok with it.  She
started me on 1.3 and only went up a 10th every few days. I took it to 2,7
and still getting 250 plus.I read some of Pumping insulin Is there a
calculator on the web site.>>>

You are talking about the 3rd edition of the BOOK Pumping Insulin by John
Walsh and Ruth Roberts?

>>>My settings right now are 2.7 from Midnight till 3 PM and 2.5 till
midnight 6 grams carb per unit and a sensitivity of 20. I am up to about 100
units of TDD>>>

I havsen't kept up with ALL this thread, but changes are usually made by
0.10 at a time after 3 days of consistency. Also, and targeted time period
the change should be made effective about 2 hours prior to that so it covers
it in time. Does your doctor have other pumpers?

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