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Re: [IP] battery life of cozmo

The experience we have had with the cozmo that my daughter has with 
batteries has been very interesting.  As long as you do not have a lot of 
alerts  set the battery does make it about 3 weeks.  But if you put in a 
used battery you will not get more than a couple of hours of battery life.  
And if you put set the pump to vibrate instead of having sounds for the 
alerts the battery will not make it more than a couple of days.  But on the 
plus side at least all you have to buy are AAA batteries which are less 
expensive than "special batteries".

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>Subject: [IP] battery life of cozmo
>Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:50:13 EDT
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>With all this talk of Paradigm's battery life, I'd like to know about how
>  long the battery life in a Cozmo is. I currently have a paradigm, but am
>into getting a Cozmo.  I have a 511 and get about three to four weeks out 
>a battery.  I was shocked to read that some people are only getting a week
>  (someone even said three days) out of a battery in the 512. Why the 
>I know it has extra features, but so does the Cozmo and the rep told me a
>battery will last from 3 to 4 weeks and you can use a used battery, not 
>just a
>brand new one.  Was I lied to or is this the truth?
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