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[IP] Re: BG link

>>P.S. I almost forgot to aske why he isn't using the BG link with his pump. I
find that it is really big help in calculating how much active insulin you
still have in your body. I really love it.<<

Noah uses the Accu-chek Compact meter and loves that it holds a drum 
with 16 test strips...less hassle in having to carry and change 
strips every time he tests.  Very important to a 17 y/o!  His last 
A1C was 6.1 so he's pretty good at bolusing, correcting highs, etc. 
He feels calculating those things in his head is less work compared 
to having to change test strips every time he tests.  He may change 
his mind later on, but for now isn't interested in using the meter 

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