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RE: [IP] Carbs in a paw paw?

The portion size was 'one small' but as my version of 'Calorie King' is the
Australian database it may mean the Malaysian variety. No idea on how to
check this.

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On Wednesday, October 1, 2003,  Kim Baker <email @ redacted>

> From CalorieKing
> Paw Paw Raw Peeled
> Calories 116
> Carbs  28 grams
> Fat  0 grams
> Fibre  10 grams
> Protein   2 grams

Thanks, Kim -- I actually had tried calorieking.com (and many other
sites) without finding a listing for Paw Paws -- is this from something
you have bought?  If so, does it have any description of the size?
There is quite a variation in size of paw paws.  But this does give me
an idea (confirmed my notion that I was going to have to think about
covering it when I ate them <gr.>).  Gosh, I really wish more nutrition
sites included weight of the serving they are talking about.

Incidentally, as a Virginia native, when I say Paw Paw, I am referring
to the fruit of the tree Asimina triloba, a native North American tree,
whose fruit are currently ripening here in Virginia.  Not the carica
papaya, also evidently sometimes called pawpaw, which grows in
Malaysia, and is an entirely different fruit.  (That's the trouble with
not using the botanical names for things <gr.>).  But thanks anyway,

Linda Z
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