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Re: [IP] Cereal May Trigger Type 1 Diabetes (news article)

This was interesting, and like all studies, has things to be further
studied, but I got to thinking, no one in our family had diabetes (that we
knew of) when I was born and then fed mile/cereal at whatever age)   It was
10 yrs later that my grandfather developed T2, and a year after that that I
developed T1 diabetes, no one knew I was predisposed....hmmm

Since the stats tell us so many have Diabetes and don't even know, I would
guess that even more would not know that the children were predisposed.

> Window of Exposure
>  The two new studies, reported in the Oct. 1 issue of The Journal of the
> American Medical Association, included roughly 2,800 infants genetically
> predisposed to develop type 1 diabetes. The children were followed from
> and parents were questioned periodically about the foods the children
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