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[IP] Re: Human insulins

>  I believe the current, non pump insulins are:
> Novalog or Humalog--very short acting insulins
> Velosulin or Regular-short acting insulins
> Lispro - approximately a 24 hour insulin-should mimic basal rates
> Ultralente - usually lasts 36 or so hours.

Lantus (the 24-hr insulin analog) is not on your list and Lispro happens to
be the name of Humalog. If you use it, look at your vial. Novolog's name is
Aspart. I forget the other name for Lantus. Velosulin, Novolog, and Lantus
are made by Novo-Nordisk. Humalog, UltraLente, Lente, and Regular are made
by Lilly.

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