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Re: [IP] How often do you replace your meter?

We tried changing the battery first.  The pharm did it today too.
I have only ever had meters stop working when they went for a swim, read
that got thrown or slipped into the kitchen sick.
Cyndy, Ontario
mom to 4,
Ben Diabetes dxed 06/02
Ignorance is voluntary misfortune
Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is the passer-by who meddles in the
quarrel not his own.
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> On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, "cyndy tengesdal" <email @ redacted>
>   wrote:
> > Our meter was a One touch Ultra
> and
> > Yesterday the meter I leave at school for Ben malfunctioned... I fixed
> > it yesterdayand left it there.At 10 am I got a
> > phone call saying it wouldn't work again.I was ill so Valmore took it
> > to the
> > pharmacy and they replaced it.I was told that a meter should be
> > replaced every 6
> > to 12 months if you areusing it as much as we are. 8 and up times a day
> I have found that when the battery is getting low in my Ultra, it
> sometimes will start forgetting everything (that is, need to have the
> time, date, and code set before it can be used), even though the
> battery is strong enough to reprogram it and use it a number of times
> before it does it again.  With the Accuchek Complete, when the battery
> was low, the backlight would stop working.  So my first step in dealing
> with a malfunctioning meter is always to change the battery -- I wonder
> if your problem might have been that simple?  But, as I assume you
> found out, most companies will replace meters if they don't work.
> I think I had one acccuchek meter replaced by the company when it
> didn't work right (after 4 or 5 years), but other than that, I've
> basically used meters until better technology lured me away (which
> usually was within 5 years).  I used my Complete for nearly 5 years, at
> your level of testing or more.  You said
> > I Love our Ultra and will probably always stick with it.
> Ah, the Ultra's a fine meter, and I've changed to it now, but my guess
> is something better will come along one of these days <gr.>.
> Linda Z
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