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Re: [IP] How often do you replace your meter?

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, "cyndy tengesdal" <email @ redacted>

> Our meter was a One touch Ultra
> Yesterday the meter I leave at school for Ben malfunctioned... I fixed 
> it yesterdayand left it there.At 10 am I got a
> phone call saying it wouldn't work again.I was ill so Valmore took it 
> to the
> pharmacy and they replaced it.I was told that a meter should be 
> replaced every 6
> to 12 months if you areusing it as much as we are. 8 and up times a day

I have found that when the battery is getting low in my Ultra, it 
sometimes will start forgetting everything (that is, need to have the 
time, date, and code set before it can be used), even though the 
battery is strong enough to reprogram it and use it a number of times 
before it does it again.  With the Accuchek Complete, when the battery 
was low, the backlight would stop working.  So my first step in dealing 
with a malfunctioning meter is always to change the battery -- I wonder 
if your problem might have been that simple?  But, as I assume you 
found out, most companies will replace meters if they don't work.

I think I had one acccuchek meter replaced by the company when it 
didn't work right (after 4 or 5 years), but other than that, I've 
basically used meters until better technology lured me away (which 
usually was within 5 years).  I used my Complete for nearly 5 years, at 
your level of testing or more.  You said
> I Love our Ultra and will probably always stick with it.
Ah, the Ultra's a fine meter, and I've changed to it now, but my guess 
is something better will come along one of these days <gr.>.

Linda Z
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