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Re: [IP] Human insulins??

>I have a girlfriend whose 13 year old son had his first fasting blood glucose
>test today.  It was 282!  I have had diabetes so long that for myself I do
>  not pay much attention to which insulins are true "human" made with 
>DNA technology and others are pork products somehow changed to make our bodies
>"think" they are human.

Pork insulin is the "animal" insulin that is closest in makeup to 
human insulin.   Lilly and Novo-Nordisk have almost completely gotten 
out of the beef and pork pancreas business and have gone to the 
recombinant dna formulations that Lilly calls "humulin".   There is 
really only one true "human" insulin and unfortunately most of us are 
incapable of making it.

>I figure that he will probably have his first insulin shot in about 3 hours
>and I don't want him to have to deal with any antibody issue.  I believe the
>current, non pump insulins are:
>Novalog or Humalog--very short acting insulins
>Velosulin or Regular-short acting insulins
>Lispro - approximately a 24 hour insulin-should mimic basal rates

Actually, lyspro is Humalog.  What you are thinking of is Lantus or 
glargine.   And there could be a reaction to any of the "analog" 
insulins, just as there could be to the animal insulins.  But I doubt 
you can even find those anymore.

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