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Re: [IP] 8 year old teased on pump (San Jose, CA area)

> I can also meet with her but I am 22 years old and was hoping a child
> could meet with her also. Please email me at email @ redacted if
> you can help. Please title the subject appropriately so I know what
> the email is regarding.

Trite as it may be, you're actually likely to make as much of an
impression as a "peer".  In my experience until they hit Junior High
School, kids are much more likely to model themselves after adults around
them who they find admirable, rather than their peers.  Several times
families with newly diagnosed children in my community asked me to come
by, and just hang around, eat dinner, and behave "normally" (i.e. whipping
out my meter and pump (or earlier, needles/insulin) to check and adjust
before dinner.)  I've been told years later that I am still a topic of
conversation in the family of a 6-year-old who was 3, the ONE TIME that I
had dinner with her, and played on her swing set!

Best of luck to our young friend in SF/SJ!  (You can tell her that a
26-year-old from Boston thinks that the pump is the best thing ever!)


Jessica Marder
email @ redacted
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