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RE: [IP] How often do you replace your meter?

What kind of meter is being used ?
I have been IDDM for 20 yrs. testing from 5-10 times every day.
I started with Accu-Check that read the visual read strips, but have used
Lifescan products mostly for these years.  Love Lifescan !
Never had a problem with any meter other than one caused by my own stupidity
or carelessness.
One of my dogs ate one once.  Lifescan replaced it !
Get a replacement and consider a new and better meter.
Best to you,

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I have a fast take meter that I used for 4 years plus, would still be using
it but I upgraded to the ultra last year, and just recently went to the bd
logic because that's what works with my paradigm.  I'd call the manufacturer
about that, a meter shouldn't have to be replaced after 6 months. At least
that's what I think.

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Yesterday the meter I leave at school for Ben malfunctioned.
I thought it was that someone had pushed a code button.  I fixed it
and left it there.
At 10 am I got a phone call saying it wouldn't work again.
I was ill so Valmore took it to the pharmacy and they replaced it.
I was told that a meter should be replaced every 6 to 12 months if you are
using it as much as we are. 8 and up times a day.
How often do you replace yours?
Cyndy, Ontario
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