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Re: [IP] answering a post

The statute of limitations for contractual agreements in most states is 
four years.  Beyond that the courts will not enforce collection.


At 01:22 PM 10/1/03 -0400, you wrote:
 >I am not a MM pump user but a bill for something (whatever it might be)
 >more than 4 years ago looks pretty suspicious to me. before (not) paying
 >I would call them.
 >> I just got a bill for something(?) on 04/09/1999 and 02/24/1999 from
 >MM. They
 >>say if I pay the bills by 10/27/2003 I can get a 15% off the bill.
 >>Does anyone have this interaction from MM?
 >Yes, the same thing happened to me.  I got a bill from them telling me 
that I
 >owe them 3 transactions that took place in 2001.  I ALWAYS pay my bill so I
 >know I don't owe them.  Here is the best part, I have been trying to call 
 >to discuss the bill, I cannot get a hold of anybody.  I am on hold for
 > literally an hour and then someone will answer and tell me that someone will
 >call me
 >back.  I am sitting here waiting since Monday and no return call.  Sounds
 >scammy to me.  Have others got this kind of bill too?
 >Thanks, Donna
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