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[IP] Concerning Neurontin (Gabapentin)

    I've read some of the posts about Neurontin being used for neuropathic
pain. I just thought those interested should thoroughly educate themselves
about the drug. The link at the end of this message is from the manufacturer
and it is the drug's monograph.
    I was questioned by my CDE as to why I wasn't on Neurontin due to
previously not being able to walk hardly at all due to neuropathy (I have
since regained my ability to walk with some residual numbness and tingling,
but hardly any more pain). I responded that I want to take as little drugs as
possible and I don't think it is necessary at this point because I don't have
the pain I did before.
    I also didn't want to take Neurontin because I had a client on a
sub-therapeutic level of Neurontin that was abruptly withdrawn by the
physician. Everyone seemed to be confused as to why he was in so much pain for
a couple of weeks. According to a monograph of the drug on the epocrates
database abruptly discontinuing Neurontin can cause pain.
    It is mainly an anti-seizure medication, but like other chemicals has
found more than one use. And as with all chemicals I think the person using it
or considering using it should know as much as possible about the chemical
they are or may be putting into their body.
    And as always with every word I type on this message board Your Mileage
May Vary.


Cody S. Alderson
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