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[IP] Re: Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

>From: "Alderson Arts" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] (OT) Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

Dear members:

I must comment on this one.

Canadian (socialized healthcare):

The only item paid for by government are any procedures carried out 
within a hospital and doctor consultations.

We pay 100% after-tax  cash for all prescription drugs including 
insulin and pumps and supplies.

We pay 30-65% taxes on payroll plus another  (in most provinces) 15% 
sales tax allegedly for healthcare.

The average wait for emergency heart by-pass surgery is over a year.

As of four years ago the average wait for a CAT Scan was 6 months.

Personally:  I have been waiting over a year to see an endo after 
moving to another province.  I had  my first bleeder the other day 
and the "emergency" is slated to be attended to in 10 days.  I 
suffered form severe depression and it took over two years to get to 
see a physiatrist to be prescribed an antidepressant.  Just last week 
I waited over two hours to see my GP and got to se him for less than 
four minutes. (He doesn't;t have time to deal with me for another 
month.  Back in NS, where I used to live, pumps were forbidden and to 
this day the meal plan and two injections per day is the norm.  Carb 
counting and pumps are illegal.

Many "common" drugs and equipment in the USA are not yet allowed in 
Canada.  such as:  The ultraflex set and Meletonin supplements.

ONe must understand Canadians pay more per Capita than any other 
people (thru taxes) for healthcare but as of (I remember) 1998 rated 
16th in the western world for healthcare quality.

Socialized healthcare does NOT work!  Medical presonnel in Canada are 
frustrated civil servants for the most part.

Darrin Parker
Ontario, Canada

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