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Re: [IP] Insulin start date!!

I am eager to start BUT not that eager!  I could do get into a lot of problems that way!!  I am really quite happy to be on saline and really getting to know my pump.  I already had one site pop out and not notice till the next day.  I suppose had I been on insulin my sugars would of told me to check.  I want to know my pump and start with my nurse, whom by the way has been pumping for 10 ++ years.  If I really insisted I know they would stay after work tomorrow to hook me up, as we are close and both excited about my pump.  But I am happy waiting till the 12th as I mentioned things are going alot quicker than I ever expected!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> >  Just a suggestion...read PUMPING INSULIN book, figure out your 
> starting 
> > basal rates, plug in LIVE with insulin and get yourself started! 
> There is 
> > no 
> > reason why you should be made to wait, just because someone 
> else, who 
> > probably does NOT have diabetes has decided to play God with 
> your life and 
> > told  you that you have to wait.  There are MANY here on this 
> list that 
> > chose 
> > NOT to wait and went ahead a got themselves started.  If you 
> have your 
> > pump, 
> > if you have read the manual and watched the video, if you have 
> read the PI 
> > book and you have asked this list all your questions then there 
> is no 
> > reason 
> > why you should have to wait.  Just DO IT!!!!!!
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