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[IP] Reply to Micheal Chambers, Paradigm E21 Error

            I too have suffered the E21 Error.  It occurred on my  third
occasion of replacing the AAA Energizer battery, the first two of which had
each lasted 28 days.  I was replacing with a new battery within a few minutes
of receiving the low Battery alarm.  Upon cinching down the battery retainer,
I was greeted with the audible alarm and the E21 error display,  also a
display to call your pump's Daddy and to reprogram.  As far as I could tell
the only info retained was my bolus history.  I had to re-enter time and date,
basals, rewind and re-engage my reservoir, identify and verify U100 as my
insulin type.  I got it all reprogrammed and going and a bit later called MM.
The lady was very nice but could not to my way of thinking explain what
happened except to cite the "communication error" and then only when I
recalled and told her I had seen the "E21 Error" display.  I had to convince
her that my pump was back up and running properly and she did insist that I
run the "Self Test" which I had done previously on my own.  She told me that
28 days was excellent battery life for the Paradigm.

Rex  (AL)
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