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Re:[IP] Looking for New Pump


I was in the same boat.  My pump warranty is almost up.  Just finished shopping.

1. What pump do you use?

Disetronic H-TRONplus V100

2. How long?

4 years come this January.

3. Advantages of "this" pump?

1)Nearly bulletproof case design, takes a licking, keeps on ticking.
2)No doors or hinges.
3)No mysterious system alarms in the entire 4 yr period of useage.
4)Long lasting batteries that are covered by insurance. 
5)Batteries are encased which makes them harder to lose if dropped.
6)Simple, logical & elegant programming.  Button pushing is kept to a minimum.
7)Temp basals are set by % of actual basal profile (10-200%), not in units.
8)Easy to bolus under clothing if needed.
9)ALL Beeps can be silenced, except alarms.
10) 2 pumps means I will never be strandedno matter what.

4. What you don't like about this pump.

There is nothing that I dislike about this pump.  I think it is the ironman of 
pumps.  With all this being said, I just decided to upgrade to the new D-

Positives for me:

1)Prefilled Lilly Humalog reservoirs - This will really simplify things!
2)Backlit/Indiglo screen (Cool while at the movies or in bed, this way I dont 
wake up my wife)
3)User interface follows similar logic as in the H-TRONplus.

Inspite of the improvements, I seriously considered simply ordering a new pair 
of H-TRONplus pumps. But decided that if I ever needed to go back, I would 
still have my originals to get me by.

5. If you have used pumps from multiple manufacturers, which did you like best 
and why?

I also tried the Animas pump.  I did not like it for several reasons:

1) Battery compartment is not very well thought out.
2) Programming is tedious with a lot of button pushing.
3) There is a tactile bolus button which can be used under clothing. However, 
it is accompanied by loud beeps as well as a confirmation button requirement.  
This is not ideal if you want privacy while bolusing in public.
4) I experienced a basal delivery alarm (pump shutdown) on my 1st day of a 
trial.  Alarm cannot be silenced unless batteries are removed (see #1).  Tech 
support could not identify the source of the problem.  Said that like a PC, I 
needed to reboot it once in awhile.  I found this unacceptable.  Other Animas 
users on the list did not make me feel any better after relaying their results 
to me, which were sub-satisfactory imo. 
5) Temp basals can only be reduced to 50% of baseline.  To go lower, you need 
to setup a secondary basal profile.

If you have an other questions, feel free to email me.

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