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[IP] Looking for New Pump

The warranty on my current pump (MM 507C) runs out next year, and I'm 
looking to get a new one. I would like to get input from everyone about the 
pumps they currently use. I've heard some negative comments about the MM 
508...such as static?? And, I don't believe the Paradigm would be right for 
me...would like to get pregnant next year, and don't want to have to change 
out reservoirs so often..I've been especially looking at the Disetronic 
pumps and the Animas..but would love to hear the good, bad, and everything 
about all pumps. So, I guess if you could answer these questions about your 

1. What pump do you use?
2. How long?
3. Advantages of "this" pump?
4. What you don't like about this pump.
5. If you have used pumps from multiple manufacturers, which did you like 
best and why?

Thanks so much for your input! I figured it's best to get the info from 
actual users.


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