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[IP] Pumping in the Woods

Hi Robert - first of all - I'm jealous - can I come? 

""I know that I'll have to reduce my basals and 
all of that.""  This is probably a very good idea - but you may also be eating some foods that you normally wouldn't so keep an eye on everything and as always test test test.

""But I was wondering about where I could put my  (silhouette) infusion site so that it won't get pulled out or rubbed by the hipbelt of my pack. ""  Have you considered a leg site - I've done this a couple of times and been quite pleased - but do remember that you will be using your legs which can make your insulin absorb faster - so again - test and keep to your original thoughts of lowering the basels. And a hint - I put mine up and down - the next time I do a leg site I will put it sideways.

""Also, has anyone changed a site out in the woods?  It's probably going to be cold, and I will definitely be dirty.  Any advice?"" I don't think that I had to do a site change but what about getting that soap like they use in the hospital that doesn't need rinsing to first treat the site, then use your IV prep wipe? Or even use a moist towlette first - let that dry, then the IV prep. 

The only other advise is - bring your back-up stuff. Syringes (I assume you don't have a disetronic with the back-up pump), extra batteries for the pump AND YOUR METER (something I often don't think about), plenty of glucose tabs in case you do have low problems.

and HAVE A GREAT TIME - let us know how it goes!

Linda & Dax
--Robert Page
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