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RE: [IP] Camping/hiking

I've done all of the above (or below:-) and everything went fine!  Just be sure to take more than enough alcohol swabs and the IV Prep wipes (that's what I use before inserting a new infusion site, anyway--for cleaning and sticking help).
I did all of my changing inside the tent b/c it was the cleanest place!  If you for some reason have to make a change while on the trail I'd personally have a little towel for easy access and use my backpack as the "table" and put the clean towel on top of that as a cleaner buffer and then do my business:-)
As far as where to put your site, hhmmmmmm, good question!  I have no problem with "real estate" on the upper or lower ab region so I'm a bit envious of your predicament!:-)  I just 2 days ago tried a new area, my upper abdomen, after learning of that option here on IP!  There is a link to show you photos of various site options you should check out if you haven't already!  Darn it!  I can't find it!  I'm sure someone will fill in this blank for me though!  Anyway, one of them is the outer thigh, I think???  That would be out of the way of your pack.  I, personally, would use the lowest possible part of my abdominal area or the highest.  Try on your pack and see where some frictionless area is that you could use.  Remember to take extras of everything, batteries and syringes if a pump error occurs.  I have a Disetronic so I'd be taking my back-up pump along.
I've never had any trouble on the wilderness.  I tried to keep the pump in a pocket out of the elements, and the same for my meter since my Ultra doesn't like to get cold!  SO, that stayed in an inner layer pocket closer to my body heat.
reducing basals is so individual I wouldn't know what to suggest for you!  I'd go down 30-45 minutes before starting a hike by about 70-90% (checking BG along the way) and then have to raise it back to normal about 15 -30 minutes before returning to "base camp":-)
THIS IS A FUN TOPIC!  Makes me wish I was going out!
I'd love to chat more if you feel the need!:-)
Have a great Halloween day!  And enjoy your trip!  If you encounter any unexpected circumstances share them when you get back!  I for one would love to hear!
--janet (Dx @age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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Subject: [IP] Camping/hiking

I was wondering if anyone on the list has gone camping while on the pump.  
I'm going (to the Sipsey Wilderness Area in north Alabama--absolutely 
beautiful) next weekend, and I know that I'll have to reduce my basals and 
all of that.  But I was wondering about where I could put my (silhouette) 
infusion site so that it won't get pulled out or rubbed by the hipbelt of my 
pack.  I don't seem to have enough real estate on my abdomen to manage it 
there, so I'm planning on putting it in the upper buttocks--but the pack's 
going to hit that some, too.  Also, has anyone changed a site out in the 
woods?  It's probably going to be cold, and I will definitely be dirty.  Any 

--Robert Page

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