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[IP] Camping/hiking

I was wondering if anyone on the list has gone camping while on the pump.  
I'm going (to the Sipsey Wilderness Area in north Alabama--absolutely 
beautiful) next weekend, and I know that I'll have to reduce my basals and 
all of that.  But I was wondering about where I could put my (silhouette) 
infusion site so that it won't get pulled out or rubbed by the hipbelt of my 
pack.  I don't seem to have enough real estate on my abdomen to manage it 
there, so I'm planning on putting it in the upper buttocks--but the pack's 
going to hit that some, too.  Also, has anyone changed a site out in the 
woods?  It's probably going to be cold, and I will definitely be dirty.  Any 

--Robert Page

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