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Re: [IP] Insulin start date!!


  Just a suggestion...read PUMPING INSULIN book, figure out your starting 
basal rates, plug in LIVE with insulin and get yourself started!  There is no 
reason why you should be made to wait, just because someone else, who 
probably does NOT have diabetes has decided to play God with your life and 
told  you that you have to wait.  There are MANY here on this list that chose 
NOT to wait and went ahead a got themselves started.  If you have your pump, 
if you have read the manual and watched the video, if you have read the PI 
book and you have asked this list all your questions then there is no reason 
why you should have to wait.  Just DO IT!!!!!!

mom to Joshua...we just DID IT when it was tme and he was only 8...of course 
we had no training so we had no choice!
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