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Re: [IP] (OT) Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

While it is true here in Ontario we have OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Plan that only covers hospital stays and doctors visits, it in no way covers Pumps or testing suplies.  I am lucky to be covered under my moms work plan, or we would literally be living in a cardboard box!!  Last year my medical supplies cost well into $9000.00 dollars, that was with out my pump.  NONE of that was covered by OHIP it was all luckily covered my my mom's work.  That was for my pills for my stomache and for diabetes supplies.  When it comes to hospital stays OHIP covers for me to be in a four bed room, and my mom's work upgrades it to a 2 bed and a 1 bed when needed.  Doctors visits are covered and a small amount of chiropractor and I beleive a small amount of physical therapy is also covered.
  I'm not totally sure how it works in the USA but from what I've always heard we have it somewhat easier as hospital stays are covered and they aren't in the USA.

BUT having diabetes in Canada, and ONTARIO is not easy or cheap!  Like I said I cost $9000 last year and now add on the pump I am looking at a large amount of money out of pocket when I am no longer covered by my mom, at  21yrs or 25 if a full time student.  So if all goes as planned I am going to be covered till I'm 25 then I'm on my own - scarry thought for a 20 year old who still doesn't know where she'll work in 5 years.

My goal in life is to have a small in home daycare.  BUT is it possible?  can I support myself on such a small income without medical insurance?  NOT unless I marry rich!!  So then what???

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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