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[IP] (OT) Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

    I have heard several times in the past and just again recently from some
of my fellow U.S. citizens how that Canadians have a social medicine program
sponsored by their government and everything is paid for except elective
    From what I have read here on IP many Canadians have a tough time getting
the pump, don't have prescription coverage, and can't get pump supplies
covered. Most who have brought up the subject with me think all Canadians are
covered the same with government insurance.
    The topic is brought up when someone mentions the cost of healthcare in
the United States and then someone else says how we should be like Canada.
Then I pipe in against it social healthcare system.
    I have read on IP about Canadians paying cash for insulin, pumps, and pump
supplies. I have also read about the exorbitant costs of some items. However,
it is just bits and pieces gleaned from conversations about other topics.
    Fortunately I have paid insurance through my job and it covers my pump
supplies except insulin 100%. And the DME section of the policy covered my
pump 100%. I am very grateful of this. I do have to keep my job of course to
continue the coverage. If I got complications bad enough that I couldn't work
I would be at the mercy of our social health programs in the U.S. That is
    I need more information so as to not perpetuate any half-truths. If anyone
can point me in the direction of a web link or book I would appreciate it.
     Thank you in advance for any information.

Pumping Insulin In The Northeast U.S.A.
Cody S. Alderson
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