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[IP] The countdown begins!

I got my appt. with Dr. Parilo an internist/pump doctor in Dayton!!!  After an
hour of intensely poking and prodding me, the results are now in!  I could
benefit from a pump!!!!!

I will be going to pre-pump class and carb counting class in preperation for
my pump.   He is recommending the Animas because I take so much insulin (250U
and above) and the fact that I regularly exercise in a pool.  But, he is not
completely adverse to the Deltec Cosmo either.

Some bad news at the appointment was that it looks like I have the beginning
of diabetic retinopathy, and I'm going to have a nuclear study of my gastric
emptying capacity as he thinks I migh also have gastric paresis (sp?)  So, it
was not thrilling to find two more complications in my life.

I am still battling my gout and neuropathy.  There is no pain like foot pain.
I've been plauged by this for six weeks now and have had to wear these awful
deck shoes as they are soft enough to not cause excutiating pain.

In spite of it all, I am very upbeat.  He also confirmed that a pump could
reverse my complications.  But, he also said that a pump could make them worse
(if we don't get the basal and bolus right).

Pump, here I come!!!!!!!

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