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[IP] Paradigm E21 Error

Last night as I was out trick or treating with my three boys I was shocked
to here my pump squawking beep, beep beep. I checked the screen and it read
E21 then reprogram. Usually I am pretty cool under pressure, but this
flustered me and trick or treating ended quickly. I immediately
disconnected, thinking that would be the safest thing to do in case the
pump started dumping insulin for some reason. Quickly went home and called
Minimed. They called me back in a matter of minutes. Rick, the Minimed
representative was excellent in talking me through the error and
reprogramming my pump with me. We changed the battery, even though it was
only 6 days old, reprogrammed the pump and we were up and running again in
ten minutes. Thankfully I had the basal rates written down on the Minimed
card they provide. Any one else with a Paradigm ever had this error occur?
If so what was the explanation you were given. I didn't get an explanation
from them, or maybe I did and did not here it.

Michael Chambers
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