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Re: [IP] Free style tracker

Mary, I just started using the FreeStyle Tracker a few weeks ago. It's great
but then I like computer gadgets.
The FreeStyle Tracker is a glucose meter that plugs directly into a
Handspring palm pilot. It's pretty neat because after you take your reading,
you can then enter the insulin you are going to take along with the carbs
and any description of what you are going to eat. You can also add
information about your exercise, notes about stress or anything else that
would affect your blood sugar. It also has a food list that you can use to
look up carbs. Then you can upload the information to your computer to print
out a pretty complete diary/log. You can then upload to a web-based data
management system called FreeStyle Pilot. to get some good analysis. You can
even allow your doctor to have access to your data if you choose to do so.

The meter itself is much better than the InDuo I was using. It uses less
blood and the lancet device is much kinder to your fingers. It can be used
to test at locations other than the fingers but my endo likes the fingers.

You can check it out:  http://www.therasense.com/tracker/index.asp

Another neat little bonus is that the Tracker is just one of the many
"Springboard Modules" that slips into the back of a Handspring PDA.  To see
a list, check out: http://www.handspring.com/products/sbm_all.jhtml

Good luck,

From: "Mary Walden" <email @ redacted> Mary wrote:

> My doctor is talking to me about the Free Style Tracker & the advantages
it  has.  Has any one out there have first hand experience with this device
or information as to its advantages.   I am a pump user (D-tron pump) for
the last 6 months & love it my life is so much better.
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