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Re: [IP] emla cream

From: "Bridget Roe" <email @ redacted>

>>>Just a note of interest to you all that use Emla cream to numb before
changing pump sites, it will be going off the market soon.  My pharmacist
just called and told me her last day to order it will be Nov 15.  She said
it is going off the market until they can put it in child proof container,
probably mid summer.  I ordered a large quantity to stock up.  Thought some
others might like to do the same.
Bridget >>>

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TH.........  I will tell my dialysis center
this great news (N O T ! ! ! )

I will order a new batch of 5 tubes at once today (every 3 mos)! This is
absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!! I use two 4" strips on my arm 3 times a week
for those dialysis needles. oooooooohhhhhh  meeeee ooooooohhhh myyyyyyyy!!!

It isn't April Fool's day - sure wish this were a Halloween joke.

email @ redacted
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