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[IP] Re: Great Log Books

After 27 years of keeping records I am finding my 'Quo Vadis' ABP/1 
daily diary to be my best system yet.  I use it as my exclusive health 
agenda.  It isn't perfect - I use the phone section at the bottom of the 
page to record 11pm until 5:30 am data.   A two page day would allow 
more time slots/space for notes.

With this agenda, I:
- use the appointment section to record BS readings and my boluses.
- use the 'notes' section to record food, CHOs, exercise and speculate 
on reasons for  highs or lows.
- use the head of the page to make a note of sick days/stress and record 
my TDD of insulin.
- record any basal rate changes/bolus rate changes in the notes' section 
as well as infusion set changes.  I am able to choreograph my note 
section data with the timed entries.
-developed a code for my other meds and use the appointment section to 
record them.

Quo Vadis products are available in most department stores and office 
supply stores.  Their diaries/agendas vary in price.

Go to <> to check out their line of products.

Hope this helps.
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