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Subject: [IP] just wondering-- pregnant need to fill my 3.0 ml reservoir

I'm afraid I missed the first posting of a concern regarding Paradigm 
reservoir volume.  I wanted to offer some suggestions of experience:

I found that if I had used a lot of insulin in priming, or changing tubing, 
and had run low, BUT still had a day or so left in my site (i.e., no more 
than 3 days or my absorption goes down) then I'd fill that same reservoir, 
unhook, attach to the same tubing, prime, and reattach.  There is a concern 
about contaminating the insulin vial, and the site, but I practice the same 
aseptic technique used in any other case.  

I guess what I'm saying is I've been successful in maintaining my sites as 
long as possible despite insulin volume limitations 

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