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Re: [IP] say hello to my little pumper

I have made plans to write about our journey over the last year and would be glad to share it with the IP KID'S page. I used so many stories from parents of young pumpers to help position us and feel the need to help out anyone that needs it.

And BTW, although we realize that syringes are still something that we need to keep around for various reasons, Sydne REALLY needs to be rewarded for being so brave and mature beyond her years, and this will help psychologically more than anything else. She does know that shots will have to be done sometimes when her pump "breaks" (in her terms), but is ready to put them behind her (no pun) for the most part.

>Hi Steve,
>You write well so I hope you keep a diary or journal of Syd's pump 
>start and all the changes that it makes for her and your family. 
>Syd's story would be a great addition to the KIDS page of the web 
>site, particularly because she is so young. Other parents of young 
>children with diabetes will find her story and inspiration, giving 
>them hope for their own children. Think about it please.
>email @ redacted

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