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[IP] Need some ideas

Hi Everyone,

This is Melissa from Melissa's Diabetes Pages.  My daughter Kristina is 12 now and has 
had diabetes since she was 6 months old.  a year and a half ago she and I went to 
Washington DC with the Children's Congress as a representative for Texas.  She's 
been pumping for almost 3 years now.  We've recently moved to Oregon and haven't 
gotten an Endo yet.  It just figures that they have no endos in Eugene and you have to 
go all the way to Portland for one... a 2 hour drive!  So until I can take the time off work, 
come up with the gas money and feel brave enough to drive my car which just got out of 
the shop all that way, can I get some ideas from you guys?

I can't get Kristina's blood sugars under control!  Most of them are very high.  Some are 
just human error but a lot of them lately are for no reason that I can see.  Her basal 
rates are .8 and .9 throughout the day and she's getting anywhere between 40 and 50 
units a day in insulin.  The other day I was very aggressive at getting those blood sugars 
down that she ended up taking 64 units in one day!  Isn't that incredibly high???  We 
changed her set yesterday and it's in her stomach now with a silouette.  I've increased 
her rates for highs from 1:50 to 1.5:50.... 1.5 units for every  50 points she's above 150 
on the meter.  That seems to have worked.  She had a low yesterday morning and she 
was 110 over night... the first overnight blood sugar I haven't had to bolus her for in 
months!  By morning, she was back to 210.  and she had no food during the night.

So I'm wondering... what should I be working on first?  The basals?  She's never in 
range long enough to even do a basal check.  the 1.5 for every 50 is working well I 
think.  I'm hopeful about that.  Is there another type of insulin everyone is using in their 
pumps now that works better than Humalog?  I'm so out of touch and getting worried.  
I've gone back to the constant carbs all day with her, I'm writing everything down, 
testing her constantly... and there's been some improvement over the last 2 days.  But 
I'd sure appreciate any other ideas and advice.  Besides the obvious of course... I 
KNOW I need to get her to the endo really soon!  :-)


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