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[IPn] Deltec Cozmo Pump Chat TONIGHT!

Pumpers and Friends,


         Come to the Deltec CozmoGuest Chat on Wednesday 10-30-2002, 9pm EST, 
8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST in the Guest room.  It is the size of a cell phone
and is menu driven, so it is very easy to personalize. You can name your pump,
you can have it display important information such as your doctor's name and
phone number.  Cozmo has 4 different basal profiles that you can name them
"work" or "sick day" for each one.  With Cozmo, you are able to bolus by grams
of Carbohydrate consumed and it does the calculation for you based on your
personal profile. When giving a correction bolus, Cozmo can calculate the
correct Dose for you.  The Cozmo also offers Alerts to remind  you of a missed
meal bolus; site change alert; Bg check alert.  The Cozmo
can be as simple or as complex as the user wants.Speakers will be Craig
Crease, Region Manager; Steve Bledsoe, Region Manager; Marilyn Graf,
Professional Education Manager; Stuart Sundem, Associate Marketing Manager and
Brian Johnson, Sr. Marketing Manager.



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