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Re: [IP] stable absorption rates

    When I was using Humulin R & NPH my absorption variability was all over
the place. It was better with Novolog and Lantus, but the Lantus still had
some major absorption variability concerns. It didn't happen with every
injection but sometimes I got hit with a real low because of the Lantus. I
could tell when it was going to happen because each time I got a bad
stinging sensation upon injection I went real low soon after.
    I'm guessing that the precipitates didn't form correctly and the Lantus
started acting quicker and actually peaked because of being absorbed faster.
    Having a steady "drip" of basal insulin, and the person USUALLY only
using a fast acting analog insulin like Novolog or Humalog doesn't require a
medical degree to see that it makes more sense that in most cases it will
mimic a pancreas more correctly. So, I can't figure out why all doctors
don't recommend the pump. Of course there are some people who can't use the
pump, but there are more that can!
    There are problems intrinsic to using the pump, but I prefer it over the
MDI regimen. My control was better when I went to MDI and much better on the
pump. Of course, as always Your Mileage May Vary.

Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----
> Hi everyone,
> I'm still considering the pump, (My Endo doesn't seem
> to think it's necessary), and I wonder if any of you
> found that being on the pump meant less variability in
> the absorption of your insulin and less rapid response
> to exercise?  my insulin sometimes doesn't start
> working unless I move around and sometimes it doesn't
> seem to matter...wonder if the pump would help with
> these things...?
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