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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #744 nightmares and lows

 If my BG's get low when I'm asleep at night I seem to get very  weird 
dreams--really weird.  Some part of my mind says "hey, that's really very 
coo-coo weird, you'd better wake up and check this out.."  I wake up and 
check my BG and opps, it's around 35!  I take 4   or 5 glucose tabs and go 
back to sleep.  Fortunately this doesn't happen too much these days.  And I 
hope less when I get the Glucowatch  G2  that so many of you  pumpers  seem 
to dislike.  I guess I have to try it for myself.   The rep told me yesterday 
that anyone who has the G1  can trade it in for the G2 at no charge.  Fran
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