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Re: [IP] Nightmares & Lows

From: email @ redacted
>>>. . .  I'm terrified to go to sleep, so my routine for a week is
stay awake until 5 AM, get up at 7, two hours sleep each night for a week
things will return to "normal." And after it is all over I think to myself,
how can I ever live through another one of these ever again.  But I do,
and again and again.  >>>

It sounds like this happens often. Bummer. :-(  I'm sorry you go through
this. Have you tried testing at 3:00 a.m. for awhile to see if you run low
at that time? Perhaps your basal needs to be adjusted at that period of
time - I mean *for* that period of time since the insulin 2 hours before is
probably the cause of the lows. Just a thought. Tweaking by 0.1u p/h at a
time is all that is recommended. If that is too much, you could try
alternating 0.1u by half hours i.e. 0.4 1:00-1:30, 0.3u p/h 1:30-2:00, etc.

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