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[IP] Re: stable absorption rates

I also found with my little girl, that her injected insulin did not always 
"work" if she was just lazing around the house.  Exercise definately was 
needed.  Now with the pump, a bolus usually works very rapidly, but we still 
have a fair bit of variation.  For example she has the same snack, same 
bolus,   at the same time every school day.  When I check her bgs at lunch 
they can vary quite a bit day to day, but they even out without any 
correction bolus by later in the afternoon.   Also, with vigorous exercise, 
insulin will work "harder" on her, even now with the pump.  To counteract 
this I give less insulin per carbs she is eating.  She always is eating.  I 
think a pump would probably help you, too.

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8         
> I wonder if any of you
> found that being on the pump meant less variability in
> the absorption of your insulin and less rapid response
> to exercise?  my insulin sometimes doesn't start
> working unless I move around and sometimes it doesn't
> seem to matter...wonder if the pump would help with
> these things...? 
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