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Re: [IP] Nightmares & Lows

>My question is this: Am I the only one this happens to?
>Is it normal? Why does it happen?
I have terrible nightmares when I am low.  Usually they have something to do 
with my death, and its the kind of nightmare that you can't bring yourself 
out of.  I get so scared, that I usually end up screaming in my sleep, and 
someone wakes me up.

I never imagined this topic would come up, but I'm glad it finally did.  I 
thought I was the only one in the world that experienced these horrors.  
Thank you to the person who started this thread.  I have had diabetes for 53 

My "dreams" are of death and being killed by everyone known or not known to 
me.  It could also be an animal I'm trying to outrun, or a terrible storm I 
am trying to find cover from. Everything and everyone on the planet is after 
me. If I happen to awaken, I see everything in the room falling ontop of me, 
or coming at me, I hide my head in the pillows, I bite the pillow, I scream 
loudly and I fight for my life.  Everything is frightening.  I gasp for air.  
I feel I'm being suffocated. Years ago I used to wear rings on my fingers, 
but the rings made scratch marks on my face and body, so I no long wear them. 
 I keep my fingernails trimmed to the quick to avoid scars.  I have no sense 
of what time it is, or how long they last.  I gasp for air.  I feel I'm 
fighting for my life, and enter into unconsciousness (or sleep, I'm not sure 
which), I then awaken by myself, to a dripping wet bed and night clothes, I'm 
terribly, terribly cold.  I can now see normally again, and go to the fridge 
for orange juice.  I change the bedding, my night clothes, shower and try to 
return to sleep, but I'm afraid to sleep. It takes me about a week to recover 
from the eye pain, headaches and muscle pain that I have acquired "in my 
fight for life."  I'm terrified to go to sleep, so my routine for a week is 
stay awake until 5 AM, get up at 7, two hours sleep each night for a week and 
things will return to "normal." And after it is all over I think to myself, 
how can I ever live through another one of these ever again.  But I do, again 
and again and again.  

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