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[IP] Re: Thallium stress test tomorrow

> I am very sensitive to any activity (probably because normally I am such a
> slug).  I will probably be doing a stress test soon, and wonder what
> happens if you go low during all of this.  Perhaps I'll just turn my pump
> off or down until it's all over.  Maybe for me it will be a good thing to
> disconnect.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
> RoseLea


Don't worry about the treadmill - if your doc is anything like my last two
you will have the Thallium test. I could not make it at all on the treadmill
about 15 years ago - I have had 3 of these total. You lie down and a die is
injected - therefore your legs don't carry you, but your heart will act as
though you are running. IF you are really uncomfortable and your heart
cannot take it, they will quit the test to avoid a heart attack. The doctor
and a tech or two are right there beside you.

BTW, anyone questioning whether or not to have the pump on, I go by the
manual where it says to not expose it to X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI. I
photocopied that page from the manual, shrunk it, laminated it and attached
it to my ins. card. I tell them to fold it open when photocopying the back
of the card so it won't cover it. It saves a lot of arguments and they
willingly cover it with that little lead apron like they would for a baby
inside a mommy. YMMV

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