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Re: [IP] Chats with reps

Rodney, the following is what I would like to have the reps address at
tomorrow night's chat. I am really looking forward to it. This seems like
such a big decision although I am sure that all of the pumps have their good
and bad points. Thanks for your help.
The following are a number of the concerns that have been expressed in
Insulin Pumper emails over the last few weeks. I have copied the text
verbatim. Could you please address each?

(1) Size-wise i think it falls flat on it's face.  why? although it has
seemingly small dimensions, it is thicker than the competition. my h-trons
are about the size of a deck of cards...in all dimensions.  even if i choose
to go with a d-tron plus,, which is longer, it still maintains a slim
profile. although the overall thickness maybe no more than a couple of
tenths of an inch, when you talk about thickness, that is the one are where
you do not want to be large in.  a thicker pump makes it uncomfortable to
carry in a pocket, wear comfortably on a belt, or hide in your
unmentionables (i would think). the animas pump also has a slim profile, but
alas suffers from other ergonomic & design shortfalls.

(2) cartridges: i assume the deltec only has plastic available.  I cannot
overly stress how much better glass cartridges are.  no o-ring leaks.
minimed plastic cartridges for years have had reported problems with leaks,
even had to recall some.  a nice plus for the d-tron is prefilled
cartridges....this a luxury that i am looking forward to...will really
lighten the load in terms of supplies needed when i travel.

 "Does the Cozmo use plastic?  My CDE/trainer said NO PLASTIC!  Adds in
worry variables.  GLASS ONLY.  So, that's what I use. " What is your
response to this?

(3) what features it does have sound abit gimmicky.  alarms to remind you to
bolus & test your bg?  typing carbs instead of units.  as a long term pumper
i can tell you that after a week or 2, the novelty will wear off quickly,
and these "features" will be kind of pointless.  i know that you are
recently diagnosed and everthyoing must seem just so overwhelming right
now....but dont let your fear get the best over you.

(4) service & support:  i know deltec has been in business a long time, but
this is their first insulin pump.  although they do make other other
infusion devices, i'm not sure if they have done pumps that are worn 24/7
for years at a time.  the point im trying to make,is that although they make
pumps for chemo, etc, these are traditionally short term usages.  with this
in mind,
the functionality might be abit cumbersome as a 1st time product.  the
animas pump is an excellent example of this.  although a good all around
pump, you can tell by using it, that it was a 1st generation product, with
various shortcomings, regardless of some of its novel features.

(5) 2 pumps:  if you want ultimate peace of mind...you want 2 pumps..case
closed.  once you start pumping, you do not want to have to go back to
injections...even for 24 hours.....it would be something i would fear

(6) disetronic has a very smooth ship.  i can order supplies24/7 via the web
w/ overnight delivery, animas doesn't do that yet even.

(7) batteries:  do you really want to pay for AAA batteries? i have never
had to pay out of pocket for a pump battery.  i also have no intention of
having to change batteries every 3 weeks (the cosmo) both the htron (from
experience) & d-tron (reported) can last 8 weeks at a clip. this will
relieve alot of hassle, not having to worry baout batteries.  the MM
paradigm takes AAA, and once you get a low bat warning, you have a very
short time to change them. on my h-tron, i sometimes can last another 1-2
days w/o changing them. also, on the htron, god forbid, you are out of
batteries, you can buy new 357 batteries from the drug store, and replace
them in the disetronic battery packs

(8) reliability:  i have been on the list for 4 years. in 4 years...i have
read alot of accounts of pump failures...mostly with MM pumps, but some
with> animas too.  The H-tron plus is pretty much bulletproof.  the only way
you can damage it is if you over tighten (i mean really hard) one of the
battery compartments near the edge of the case.  otherwise, there is not
much that can damage this pump. d-tron, there have been some reported bugs,
but i believe this is why we have the new d-tron plus. the d-tron was an all
new design, very high tech.  d-tron+ pump has improved electronics, tactile
buttons, etc.  even if something does go wrong, you have 2 pumps.

(9) The Deltec Cozmo has some really cool features, but you wont find anyone
who is wearing one right now, because it has not started shipping yet. That
being said, they may have a great product and great customer service, BUT
that has yet to be established. So it would be a gamble at this point to
choose a Cozmo.

(10)  had the opportunity to see and play with the Cosmo a little while back
and found it an impressive pump...lots of stuff on it, much more than
others....to get all the bells to work you must also have the software which
to my surprise requires a separate doc's script and is an additional
charge....personally, I found that odd

In addition, I have the following questions?

(1) What kind of clips, cases, accessories are there for the Cozmo?

(2) Is December the 9th a fairly firm shipping date? I have met my out of
pocket this year so if I get my pump in December I will not have to pay
anything for it. I have been approved by my insurance company and doctor.

(3) The D-Tron plus advertises a scheduled preventative maintenance for
their pumps. Does the Deltec Cozmo have the same? If so, how will it work?

(4) Does the Cozmo have a leak detection alarm? Can you give a list of the

(5) The D-Tron plus advertises a "Whisper Quite Precision Motor. Not only
does it closely mimic the human pancreas by delivering doses as small as
.005 units every 3 minutes, it does it without any irritating clicks." Would
this also describe the Cozmo?

(6) It looks as though the tubing from the D-Tron Plus comes out sideways
closer to the pump and that the tubing comes straight up out of the Cozmo. I
would think that it would make the tubing from the Cozmo more difficult to

(7) Am I correct in saying that you can input your carbs units and your
current bg reading and have the Cozmo determine how much you should bolus?
If this is true, does the Cozmo store the carb units and bg reading with the
amount actual bolused.  This would be wonderful. It would create a complete

(8) Has anyone from the Memphis area been trained as a trainer for the
Cozmo? If not what is the closest city that has a trainer?

(9) What is the training procedure for the end-user (me)?
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