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[IP] say hello to my little pumper

>Sydne is the latest addition to the growing list of pumpers. Yesterday, we 
>went in (without her) to get all the technical info and to do insertions on 
>ourselves. I was very surprised at how painless it was! Make no mistake 
>about it, I am a wuss when it comes to needles piercing MY skin, but I did 
>it without fear and it really was painless! Nancy even did one on her, but 
>she was scared sh!tless. I have been wearing my pump (with saline of course) 
>since yesterday, and I worked out for a couple of hours and took a shower 
>and my set is still stuck strong. I am so glad that I was allowed to wear a 
>pump. It really has given me piece of mind, knowing how painless the 
>insertion can be. 
>This morning, we took Sydne in to do her insertion. We numbed it with EMLA, 
>but she still cried. I think that it was more of a physchological, 
>conditioned response than a response to actual pain. She is at home now, 
>playing like a 3 year old plays, and has forgotten all about the set in her 
>butt. We told her that if she doesn't mess with it and leaves the pump alone 
>then next week we would burn her needles. She is really excited about the 
>needle bonfire! 
>I am so happy that we found Dr Dattatreya (and Brenda Head) to make this 
>happen for us. I know pumping may not be for everyone (and our situation is 
>especially unique being divorced and all), but if the parents are willing to 
>do their homework and make a strong commitment to learn all about pumping, 
>why not grant a saline trial? 
>We will probably go live with insulin on Monday, so until then we will be 
>doing injections as well. I am so proud of my little pumper! 
>Steve  Dad to Sydne(3)  dx'd 11/01  in Dallas 

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